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The Photowalk is a mailbag-driven podcast where we walk, make pictures together and meet with special guests along the trail. For anyone who likes to take pictures. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

Apr 28, 2023

Is ai really coming to get us? Maybe not yet. Maybe not at all. This week is a show about the majesty of music, the beauty of emotion, the tactile nature of bookmaking, finding your why, celebrating our mistakes, just being human. We hear from Paul Gotts and John Ash who believe in giving a voice to unpublished photographers and Extra Miler Lynn Fraser who is part of their new project called Littoral. Letters to the show about rekindling a love for photography post-pandemic, why the moon seems to be sharper and more detailed on some smartphones, and the realisation that your why may be a lot closer to home than you think. There are stories on chasing the moon's shadow from a 737 and finding dust in your wonderfully soft-centred eye. See the SHOW PAGE for reference pictures and films. Our thanks to the Extra Milers and