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The Photowalk is a mailbag-driven podcast where we walk, make pictures together and meet with special guests along the trail. For anyone who likes to take pictures. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

Nov 18, 2022

Today, you and I walk with TV, film and stage actor Bill Ward. A multi-award winner for his challenging role as Charlie Stubbs in Coronation Street, one of the globe's biggest soaps, playing Britain's 'vilest villain,' he is also a highly regarded decorated photographer who savours time making pictures in nature, in particular adopting ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) as his channel to mindful connection with Mother Earth. Bill shares advice on how to shoot ICM and revisits his time on set playing Charlie. We talk about landscape photography, always saying yes to opportunity and how picture-making with a camera is a tonic in a highly charged world. See the SHOW PAGE and our thanks to the Extra Milers and