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The Photowalk is a mailbag-driven podcast where we walk, make pictures together and meet with special guests along the trail. For anyone who likes to take pictures. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

Jan 5, 2024

Today's guest is the celebrated Canadian wildlife photographer Michelle Valberg, who shares stories of her photographic adventures at the two poles and the incredible animals she observes as she creates emotional imagery that has the power to make viewers feel.

From the mailbag on today's show, how introversion affects what you photograph, favourite places in the world to MAKE those pictures and how being devoured by forest has you feel, making your own book or zine in 2024, how your experiences as a child can influence your photography as an adult plus there is news of a second retreat week in Scotland. It is the first Friday of the month, so it’s assignment week, and this year, all our challenges are one-word photographic assignments.

Links to all guests and features will be on the showpage, my sincere thanks to who sponsor this show and the Extra Milers without whom we wouldn't be walking each week. WHY: A Sketchbook of Life is available here.