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The Photowalk is a mailbag-driven podcast where we walk, make pictures together and meet with special guests along the trail. For anyone who likes to take pictures. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

May 5, 2023

Five decades behind the lens, American photographer Ave Pildas talks about making pictures of those who come to stand on the stars of Hollywood's famous Walk of Fame, plus he shares some of his 'secrets' when it comes to photographing people in a street scene. In the mailbag and on the show; could you make a picture every hour on the hour of your day for a whole year? We meet one teacher who has just completed this challenge; the ULTIMATE challenge perhaps? Also, the unparalleled rugged and AWESOME landscape of Nepal, a story of resilience, and it being the first Friday of May, we launch a new photo assignment for the month to come, where you'll need a sharpened pencil as much as photographic focus. See the SHOW PAGE for reference pictures and films. Our thanks to the Extra Milers and