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The Photowalk is a mailbag-driven podcast where we walk, make pictures together and meet with special guests along the trail. For anyone who likes to take pictures. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

Dec 16, 2021

It's an episode with a difference today. I'm embracing an opportunity to thank MPB for supporting and partnering this show and channel during 2021. As COP 26 closed in mid November, sustainability was an important topic being discussed. I found myself in Brighton on a Photowalk, the city that is home to MPB, a company who recirculate more than 300,000 items of used kit every year, extending the life and creative potential of photo and video equipment for creators around the world. So join me as I visit the UK HQ of MPB. Meet the man who founded the company from a back room in 2011, and hear from photographers and creatives who have a passion for my and your kit needs. See pictures referenced on the SHOW NOTES page.